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  1. These units are produced from high quality materials coupled with skilled workmanship to ensure utmost reliability and efficiency in operation under most arduous conditions.
  1. Finger type valves are provided for easy flow of air and efficiency.
  1. The smaller capacity compressors are fitted with ball bearings to the connecting rod which will give smoother running and longer life. the side cover in the crank is provided with unbreakable transparent sheet which enables us to see the clear function of the ball bearings fitted to connecting rod and oil splash lubrication and it is added attraction too.
  1. Standard equipment includes air filter, pressure gauge, relief valve, non return valve, drain cock, Vee belt drive, adjustable slide rails etc. Automatic pressure switch is provided in higher capacity portable units. special fan type flywheel is provided for maximum air cooling. the non return valves and relief valves have synthetic rubber seats for longer life.
  1. Lubrication system is by splash for a sufficient supply of oil to all parts during operation.
  1. All receivers are specially built with heavy gauge mild steel and hydraulically tested. hand holes are provided for easy cleaning and maintenance in big size receivers.
  1. Every units is guaranteed to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery as per guarantee card.
Model H.P Compressors Free Air Displacement
per Minute
R.P.M c.ft Liters p.s.i



1.0 650 4.8 136 100 7.0 100
2.0 650 8.0 226 150 10.0 115
2.0 750 9.2 260 150 10.0 150
3.0 750 11.8 340 150 10.0 150
3.0 750 11.8 340 150 10.0 210
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